Travel for Rising International! When you take your next trip to a developing country, consider visiting and getting to know a Rising artisan community. It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our world cultures and form close relationships with people you might not have had the chance to meet. Many of our artisans live in remote and/or isolated areas, making the trip to meet them even more special.

Rising International currently supports economic development projects in over 20 countries. If you’re planning a trip to one of these countries, let us know, and we’ll arrange for you to meet our remarkable women and their families.

Rising Current Country List

Rising Country Wish List

Help us launch a project! We are actively looking for women’s craft projects to support in the following countries. If you’re traveling to one of these countries, please let us know and we will provide a list of contacts with other non-profit organizations that could arrange for you to visit a potential Rising craft group.

Past Rising Travelers!

Thank you to the following volunteers for visiting and connecting with our artisans and helping us deepen our friendships with our global neighbors.

For more information

…about Rising’s cultural tours, please call 831.429.RISE (7473)

Please note that if at the time of travel, your destination area is experiencing unusual violence, conflict, or any un-safe conditions, we will not be able to endorse your trip. We appreciate your understanding of this matter.