//Rising Rep Questionnaire

Rising Rep Questionnaire


Welcome to Rising International! We are about to start on a great adventure together. You will earn money for yourself and for women living in some of the poorest parts of the world. Rising International will do everything we can to help you become a successful businessperson. Answering these questions will help us give you the help you need to become a great Rising Sales Representative.

Personal Information


Street Address:


State and Zip:

Home Phone:

Cell Phone:


Date of Birth:


Your Ethnic Group:

Income Information

Your Annual Income:

Annual Household Income:

Number of Household Members:

Number of Earners in Household:

How much would you like to earn from your Rising business in a year?

Education Information

Number of years of school:

Where did you go to school?

Do you have a high school diploma/GED?

Do you have any college?

What did you study?

Do you have a degree?

What is your degree?

Are you currently in school?

If yes, how many hours?

What are you studying?

Language Information

How many languages do you speak?

If more than one, please list them:

What is your first language?

If English is not your first language, how comfortable are you speaking English?

Reading English?

Work Information

Current Job:

How long have you worked there?


Job Duties:

How many hrs/wk do you work?

Previous Job:

How long did you worked there?


Job Duties:

Previous Job:

How long did you worked there?


Job Duties:

Business Experience

Additional work experience (include volunteer activities):

Other skills and/or resources related to direct sales, customer service or business management?

Have you ever managed a business?

Have you ever owned your own business?

If yes, how many years?

What happened to it?

What kind of business?

Other Experience and Resources

Schedule – Hours and days that you are available for Rising trainings, Rep meetings, events and Rising House parties?








Optional Accommodation Information (Will not be used for selection purposes): Do you have a medical or health issue that my limit your work hours or require accommodation?   ___Yes    ___No     If yes, what type of accommodation is needed for this for you to be successful?

Do you have access to a computer and email? ___ Yes ___ No

Do you have a valid driver’s license and access to a car? ___ Yes ___ No

If you have young children, is there someone to watch them while you are attending Rising events? ___Yes ___ No

Have you ever attended or hosted a home sales party? ___ Yes ___ No  If Yes, please describe your experience.

How much confidence do you have in your ability to run and manage your own home party business?

___ No confidence ___ Little Confidence ___Some Confidence ___Very Confident ___Don’t Know

How comfortable are you getting in front of a group of people and speaking?

___ No confidence ___ Little Confidence ___ Some Confidence ___ Very Confident ___Don’t Know

How would you rate your knowledge of local and world poverty and solutions for ending poverty?

___ No knowledge ___ Some knowledge ___ Personal knowledge in this country ___ Personal knowledge internationally

Why are you interested in becoming a Rising Sales Representative?

Do you know any one else who might want to become a Rising Representative?

Names: ______________________________________________________