Join The Conversation #NotLookingAway

#NotLookingAway Founder’s Story

In 2015 I made a realization about my work protecting women and girls from poverty and exploitation. I shared my thoughts with the audience at Rising International’s annual luncheon event. A snippet follows.

“So I’m going to start with a confession. 12 years ago when I started working on behalf of women and girls, I thought the work would get easier. And, I definitely thought the problem would get better. I thought that I would somehow get tougher, that I wouldn’t cry so much, that I would stomach it all better. But, that’s not at all what’s happening. The problem isn’t getting any better. Crimes committed against women and girls are actually at an all-time high.

And the thing that breaks my heart the most, is that we know about it. I have learned that whatever bad stuff is going on, someone knows about it, and is looking the other way. Someone knows. Families know, communities know, governments know. We know who’s committing genocide, we know who sold their 9 year old daughter as a child bride, we know who is beaten and raped. We know and we’re looking the other way.”

Recently, I’ve been wondering, why do we look away? Can we learn to not look away? How?

What if we could create a world where no one lets another person be harmed?

My hope is to stir up some conversation about all this. I’d like to invite you to share your own Not Looking Away Story.