//Module 5 – Building a Rising Business

Module 5 – Building a Rising Business

Each Rising party leads to Rising opportunities around the world–for the women artisans, and also for you, the Rising representative !
Successful reps have helped us identify the key ingredients of growing and building a Rising business, and you’ll have a chance to benefit from their experience.

Rising International will provide you with a Prosperity Kit when you begin your home party business, at a cost of $98 plus tax, which contains samples of crafts for your display at home parties. However, if qualified, Rising International may provide you with a Prosperity kit in advance, and arrange to have payments subtracted from your first three commission checks. To order your Kit, you must submit your Rising representative Questionnaire, successfully complete all five of the on-line training modules, and the Rising Rep agreement; Kit ordering information will then be provided to you. Use the email link below to submit your questionnaire and assignment for each module.

Presentation Materials

Your Prosperity Kit includes the Presentation Script, sample crafts, and copies of informational materials distributed to party hosts to help with party planning and for guests who attend home parties.

Catalogs and Guest Order Forms

Catalogs and Guest Order Forms are included in your Prosperity Kit, although you may want to provide folders and create an order packet for each party guest. You can order additional catalogs and Guest Order Forms by contacting the Rising Office (office@risinginternational.org) to place orders: or 831-429-RISE [7473].

You’ll need a daily planner, a monthly party schedule calendar, and a hostess contact sheet as well as other organizing and planning tools available on the Rising Rep portion of the website (you’ll get your login on successful completion of the five training modules).

Each Rising party leads to Rising opportunities around the world—for the women artisans and their families and for Rising Reps and their families—this is the magic of the Rising formula for success.  Successful Rising Reps have helped us identify the key ingredients of building and growing a Rising business, and you’ll have a chance to benefit from their experience in this part of the training.  Your coach and live or on-line Rising Rep get-togethers will also support your success as a Rising rep.

Before You Begin

Telephone, Email Address and Access to a Computer

You do not need a separate telephone line for your Rising business, but you do need an answering machine or answering service. Your message needs to be professional and needs to say:

“You have reached the home of ______ and Rising International Home Parties.”

Anyone who answers your phone will need to know how to take messages for your business.

Ideally, every Representative will have an email address and internet access. If you have not already learned to use the internet and email, please sign up for a class or have someone teach you these skills. The better your computer skills, the easier it will be for you to remain in touch with your business contacts and manage your home party business.

Reliable Transportation

You will often be required to travel to and from private homes, in areas that are not accessible to public transportation. You will also need to carry with you: Prosperity kit, order forms, catalogs, and presentation tools. You may also need to provide transportation for a guest speaker.

Business Cards

You will order your business cards through Rising International.  Use your cards to introduce yourself to potential Hosts. You will also hand them out at parties and enclose with Rising International correspondence.  Your cards serve as a valuable aid for getting your name out into the community.

Prosperity Kit

Rising International will provide you with a Prosperity Kit after you have completed the training successfully, have attended at least one Rising International home party, and have scheduled a home party.   Your Prosperity Kit contains samples of crafts for your display at home parties and a starter set of catalogs and other materials necessary to start your business.

Prosperity kits are sold to Representatives at a cost of $98 plus tax, which is to be paid in advance if at all possible.  However, if qualified, Rising International may provide you with a Prosperity kit in advance, and arrange to have payments subtracted from your first three commission checks.

If you withdraw from the training program before your kit is paid for, you will be expected to return the complete kit, in good condition, to the Rising International Home Office.  You will be refunded the amount you’ve paid, based on the condition of your kit.  For Representatives who want to expand their Prosperity kit, additional Rising International Products will be sold to you at a discount.

Presentation Materials

Included in your Prosperity Guide is your Sales Presentation Script and copies of informational materials that are handed out to customers at home parties.

Catalogs and Guest Order Forms

These will also be included in your Prosperity kit although you may want to provide folders and create an order packet for each party guest. You can order additional catalogs and Guest Order Forms by contacting Brinn to place orders: brinn@risinginternational.org or 831-479-RISE [7473].

Calculator and Cash Box

You will need to calculate totals, sales tax, and add in shipping costs as you process customer orders, and receive cash, checks, and perhaps donations at the home party.  Your cash box does not have to be elaborate, but it should have a locking mechanism which can be used until you are able to deposit cash received.  Safely and accurately handling cash, checks and charge card information is your responsibility and any mistakes or missing cash will be your responsibility to resolve.  Each Rising customer relies on the Rep to keep their financial information (credit card or bank account numbers) completely confidential so that accounts are secure.

Daily Planner

A Daily Planner includes a daily calendar, with room to list scheduled events and work tasks. It may be used to record business expenses such as mileage, tips, and costs not validated by a printed receipt.

You should take great care in selecting your business planner to insure that it meets your needs.  You may want to consult with your Coach or another self-employed business professional to learn how a daily planner is used to manage day to day activities.

Monthly Party Schedule Calendar

In addition to a Daily Planner, it is recommended that you use a monthly planning calendar that shows all scheduled parties in a month, as well as the days you are not available for business activities.  This big picture view will help you plan ahead and prevent scheduling problems.  Any type of monthly calendar with room to write in party information will suffice.

Hostess Contact Sheet

The Hostess Contact Sheet will help you keep track over time with the connections you make with potential party hostesses.  Each time you book a party, you will add that party to the overall Rising Party Calendar by calling the Rising Rep Support line (831-429-RISE).  That way, the organization can keep track of where parties are happening, can make sure inventories are updated and supplies can be assured, and potential Rising reps can be directed to parties to learn new tips and tricks for their own parties.

Being self-employed means that you will earn different amounts of money each month. This can make it difficult to budget. Put yourself on salary:  Doing this will remove you from the sales rollercoaster.  If you have a great month then you can add money to your bank account for when those not so great months come.  You can increase your salary as you grow your business.

Let your business account grow:  Use your business funds to invest in business tools, ongoing training seminars, a good computer and software, and so on. These are all tax deductible as long as you can prove that you use them for your business and not for personal reasons.  Upon your first full year of being “on salary”, seek financial advice. Take advantage of all your tax write-offs:  Mileage, telephone, meals, your home office space, computer, banking fees, Internet/dial up fees, travel, and so on.

Self Employment Business and Tax Advice

There are low cost clinics and books for new business owners that can help you with this process. As a start, you may want to check into the following resources.

  • Local Chapters of SCORE (Retired Corps of Retired Executives) at www.score.org.
  • The El Pajaro Community Development Corporation Micro Enterprise Program at www.elpajarocdc.org
  • Small Business Development Center at Cabrillo College atwww.cabrillo.edu/services/sbdc/ offering web resources and free workshops in both Monterey and Santa Cruz County.


As a Rising Representative you earn at least 20% commission on Rising International Home Party sales and individual sales.

When you reach $10,000 in commissionable sales, you will receive a 2% commission increase, effective the first full month after $10,000 is achieved.

Time Management

One of the biggest benefits of having a home-based business of your own is that it is at home!  One of the biggest difficulties of having a home-based business is that it is at home!  Here are a few suggestions to help you manage your time!

Create a Schedule

Decide what days you are going to work your business.  Just like any other job, if you want to make money you must commit to working.  Create a schedule for your business and work to stick to it with some room for flexibility as needed. You can then build other things around your schedule.

Set Business Hours

When you are off, you are off.  Turn off the ringer to your phone, shut your office door, and do not feel guilty.  Make sure your voice mail outlines your office hours and lets people know when you will call them back.  You may even choose to return calls every morning.  Learn to work on your work days and enjoy your family on family days. What matters most is that you create consistency in what you do.

Use Your Daily Planner

Successful business owners possess great time management skills. Each week, fill in first your personal commitments, including family time, church/synagogue/mosque activities, appointments, etc.  After personal commitments you will see which blocks of time you can be “open for business”.

Working from a pre-planned schedule allows you to be proactive to the many things you need to do to create a successful month such as scheduling parties, following up with leads & guests, meeting prospects for hosting a Rising International party and more.

Focus on Recruitment

Calling and seeing people are the two activities you can do to make money.  These are called Income Producing Activities.  Use the Contacts Worksheet and your Contact tickler file to help with this activity.

A Good Goal is…


This means you can put a number to it and count how close you are to attaining it. For instance, you don’t say, “I want to hold some parties.”  You say, “I want to hold 4 parties this month.” That way you can know when you have reached your goal, and every week, you can get see how close you are to reaching your goal. A goal doesn’t count unless you can count it.


This means it is real to you, not abstract. Another way you could measure a party goal is to say, “I want to earn $500 this month.” This is a tangible goal. Money is something you can see. You can feel it. You can touch it. Your goal needs to be real to you, something you recognize and that has meaning to your life. You might say, “I want to make the world a better place.” but that is not tangible. Better to say, “I want to sell $2000 worth of crafts made by women from developing countries.”  That is real.


A goal must be challenging but also realistic. You must be able to believe you can do it. If you started out saying “My goal is to have 100 parties next month,” that would not be a realistic goal. You would have to hold a least 3 parties a day and some days, 4. A goal should be one that you know you can achieve. That way you will feel good when you hit your mark! But don’t set your goal too low, every month move your goal a little higher than the one you achieved last month.

What Makes a Goal Happen?

  • You believe it can happen!
  • You write it down!
  • You get your friends and family to believe with you.
  • You break your goal down into small, manageable steps.
  • You spread the steps out over each day and make a check box next to each step so you know when you have completed a step.
  • Celebrate your completed steps and successful milestones.
  • Again, enlist your friends and family to help you!
  • Each time you get closer to the goal (achieve a milestone), write it down!
  • When you reach your goal, celebrate big and set a new goal that’s a little bit bigger.

Track Your Monthly Income Statistics and Analysis

This is a much more in-depth analysis to measure business outcomes and increase your income. It is especially useful to compare how your party outcomes are improving over time.  It is not recommended for trainees and for those who are still planning their first party.

You can increase your income in many ways:

  • You can hold more parties and therefore increase your gross Retail.
  • You can work on helping your Host get more guests to their parties and therefore increase per party sales.
  • You can work on reducing your expenses.
  • You can use your presentation at the parties to get guests to buy more crafts therefore increasing per guest averages and per party averages.


  • You can do all of them, make a lot of money, and make yourself a great advocate for poor women around the world.
Review the section on goal-setting. With a partner or a small training group, reflect on what a growing and successful Rising business will mean to your life.

What will you do with the income you generate from your commissions?

Set some concrete goals for yourself, and submit them using the “email me” button below. Review them at least once a month, so you can celebrate progress toward achieving them.