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Celebrate women and their families 
overcoming poverty! All over the world - from Latin America and Africa to Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the poorest women in the world create exquisite crafts. Even in the midst of poverty, violence, terror and loss women are creating beauty and hope with their crafts. Rising International's home parties feature these crafts and the women and families who make them. We bring their crafts, their histories, and their stories to your living room or office. Click here to request information about hosting a Rising Home Party. Once you've booked your party with your Rising Representative, you may choose to use this sample invitation to invite your guests!

Bring The World To Your Living Room

When you attend or host a Rising Home Party, you meet the world through the beautiful, exotic crafts and inspiring stories of life in the far reaches of the globe. Click here to request information about hosting a Rising Home Party. In a matter of minutes, the sounds, the colors, the food, the music, the beauty of faraway places greets you. At Rising home parties, you might meet the people of Sudan, Afghanistan, Bolivia, India, or Cambodia for example, without even leaving your house. 

Through their exquisite crafts their stories come to life. The people come to life. You learn that although the people are poor, their lives are full; their cultures rich, and their skills complex, unique and difficult. You will learn how they have often adapted brilliant strategies to living in extremely challenging conditions, such as life above 14,000 feet - or above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. You will see how some of the crafts they create could only be made under these extreme conditions from raw materials found only in these climates and geographies.

Hear Stories from Afar

The children of Nepal have a favorite a nursery rhyme …perhaps it's the same one you grew up with? In Afghanistan it's an ancient custom to put a special spice in just one dumpling …can you guess the spice? In the Ndeble tribe in Africa , the men put something in front of the hut of the woman they are courting …do you know what it is? Rising home party events are filled with fun and inspiring stories and facts.

Browse Exquisite Crafts

Rising features beautiful jewelry, textile art, silk scarves and purses, baskets, home decor and assorted crafts all handmade by remarkable artisans from around the world. We also feature fair trade treats such as coffee, tea, chocolate, nuts and more.

"The crafts are our link... traveling oceans and mountains to come to us.
They all come with a story. They all come with a face, a name, a voice”

- Carmel Jud, Rising Founder

Meet Your Global Neighbors

Not only are the beautifully hand-crafted items unique, but so is the opportunity to meet your global neighbors. Rising often features a guest speaker from the developing world at our home party events. The guest speaker shares personal stories about his or her homeland, daily life, and the particular crafts featured for sale. At a Rising event, you might meet a woman from Afghanistan and get a chance to try on her burqa. Or, perhaps you could meet a woman from Guatemala who shows you how to use her backstrap loom.

Rising Testimonials

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Become a Rising Representative

In addition to hosting parties, there's another way you can empower women, become a Rising Representative! Our vision is to create a network of entrepreneurial women representing Rising International home parties throughout the United States, while improving the lives of thousands of women artisans and their families in poor areas all over the world. As a Rising Representative, you will be able to earn your own income from craft sales as an independent contractor. Imagine earning an income while helping women all over the world earn an income! Click here for more details.